Energy Efficient

Mobile app control

Reduces carbon emissions

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Central AC Unit

Mini-Split Unit

Window Unit

Commercial-grade power
Standard 120V outlet
Doesn’t block your view
Energy efficient
Open and close your window
Washable filter
15-minute DIY install
Planet-friendlier refrigerant
No need for drilling or permits


HVAC Solutions for All Occasions

Fast-track carbon emissions reduction by electrifying buildings like multi-family homes, hotels, schools, and more.

They rattle, we purr.

Gradient’s modular design places the power and noise outside your window, leaving you with heating and cooling that keeps the calm inside.

Comfort is in your control.

Our commercial grade heat pump technology is more efficient than traditional window AC units, which saves on energy consumption and monthly bills.

Energy efficient.

We're currently awaiting our official efficiency rating. But we estimate a greenhouse gas emissions reduction of up to 95% when the Gradient is used to cool and heat, depending on your source of electricity. That’s like choosing to walk instead of drive up to 15 miles daily – just by switching to Gradient. Our end goal is to achieve a 100% carbon reduction; we see our current model as a very important and very big first step toward that goal.

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Four easy steps to ‘ahhhh.’

Our installation bracket enables you to install Gradient safely and securely without fear of dropping or breaking it — no tools required. Just plug the power cord into the standard 120V outlet and you're good to go.

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How It Works

No system looks or works
like Gradient.

HVAC systems are designed to move heat using a refrigerant. Because they work under high pressure, mini splits require professional, expensive installation. As for window ACs...well, that high pressure system is the reason they're designed as that big, bulky box that takes over your window.

  • Engineered to be svelte.

    Our heat pump technology uses water to distribute heat inside while keeping the high pressure refrigerant outside, resulting in less noise and less bulk.

  • Designed for you in mind.

    By adding a secondary coolant loop at a much lower pressure, we’ve built a modular design that you can set up, install and control yourself.

  • Commercial grade power.

    Inside are professional-level components like variable speed fans, large heat exchangers and reversible operations that keep you cool or warm all year-round.

  • Advanced heat pump technology
in a beautiful, easy-to-install package.

    • 15-minute DIY install
    • Commercial-grade power
    • Energy efficient
    • Planet-friendlier refrigerant
    • Quieter
    • Doesn't block your view
    • Open and close your window
    • Standard 120V outlet
    • Washable filter
    • No need for drilling or permits


In the Details

  • Dimensions

    • Indoor unit
    • Height: 24 in
    • Width: 24 in
    • Depth: 8 in
    • Outdoor unit
    • Height: 24 in
    • Width: 24 in
    • Depth: 15 in
  • Features

    • Mobile app control
    • Scheduling
    • 1-year limited parts & labor warranty
  • Weight

    • Indoor Unit
    • 50 lbs
    • Outdoor Unit
    • 90 lbs
  • Modes

    • Cooling
    • Fan-Only
    • Heating
    • Boost Mode
  • Noise

    High/Medium/Low: 58/54/48 dB

  • Capacity

    • Rated Cooling Capacity
    • 8600 BTU/hr
    • Heating Capacity Range
    • 3000 – 8000 BTU/hr
  • Window Compatibility

    For single hung or double hung windows only.

  • Filter Type

    • Washable Mesh

Flexible fit for a wide range of window options.

  • Your window is single or double hung (can slide up and down) and can open at least 15" in height.
  • Width of the window is no less than 24”.
  • Depth of the window is between 5.5” and 15.5”.
  • Clearance below window on both sides of the wall inside and outside is at least 24”

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