Simple HVAC installation and management

Optimize your buildings in less than a day with the future of HVAC tech: heat pumps.

  • No electrical upgrades
  • Plugs into a 120V outlet
  • Lower operating costs
  • 30%+ more efficient
  • Integrates with your BMS
  • No contractors
  • Reduces carbon emissions
  • Cold climate performance
  • Heat pump tech
  • No service interruptions
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In the Press

Revolutionizing building electrification

  • “Gradient designed its device to work like a more expensive heat pump”

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  • “Electrifying apartment buildings is tough. A new heat pump design could make it easier.”

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  • “A window heat pump project is bringing cutting-edge climate tech to New York public housing”

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  • “This little heat pump could be the answer to a lot of prayers.”

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  • “Gradient has designed a heat pump that easily slides over a windowsill — it doesn’t block light — and currently uses a refrigerant called R32”

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  • “Unlike more traditional heat pumps, these new window units can essentially just sit in your window sill.”

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  • “Gradient is betting on heat pumps’ potential to decarbonise domestic cooling with high efficiency but low cost.”

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The Gradient Advantage

Your decarbonization solution

Accelerate your journey to a greener future by electrifying with Gradient window heat pumps.

Seamless setup, superior performance

Gradient's advanced heat pump technology combines professional-grade performance with straightforward setup. Enjoy seamless integration without the typical hassles of installation.

Optimize space, enhance value

Gradient's sleek design preserves the natural light and view, enhancing both functionality and appeal.

Room-by-room, precision-engineered comfort

Our innovative design enables precise individual climate control for each room, ensuring tailored comfort and energy efficiency year-round.

More than a heating and cooling solution

We're here to be your trusted partner in smart property management. Our commitment to simplifying your tasks and enhancing your property's performance is at the heart of everything we do.

The Gradient Story

A better climate for you
means better climate for all.

Our mission is to push the industry toward zero carbon. That’s why we’ve eliminated harsh refrigerants and cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 95%. Learn why Gradient makes great products with great intent.

Our Story

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