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Multi-Family Units

Gradient is a proud solution for high, mid, and low rise multi-family buildings. Looking to upgrade your buildings or comply with local laws? Gradient's window heat pumps are the climate-friendly solution for you.


Unlock exclusive rebates and substantial savings on utility bills with Gradient. Gradient heat pumps is a reliable and cost-effective solution that can ease the strain on electrical grids, landlords and tenants.

School Buildings

Choosing Gradient as your solution can provide both heating and cooling so schools year-round. Administrators, teachers, parents, and students will benefit from quieter, planet-friendlier heating and cooling with no drilling, permits, or bulky central units required.


Setting The Standard

Our Heat Pump Technology

Gradient heat pumps are energy-efficient, with hybrid heating and cooling. Our heat pump technology is the first of its kind, and our planet-friendlier refrigerant helps to reduce carbon emissions.

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DIY Installation

Did you know? Our heat pumps do not require permits, drilling, or retrofitting. Each Gradient unit can be installed easily by two non-professionals in about 15–20 minutes.

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Cost Savings

There are quite a few ways that your Gradient units can help you cut costs. There are no fees for permits, HOA approvals, inspections, or HVAC installer costs. Each unit is also built with the planet in mind and contains washable filters to avoid unnecessary costs or waste.

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The Gradient Advantage


Central AC Unit

Mini-Split Unit

Window Unit

Commercial-grade power
Standard 120V outlet
Doesn’t block your view
Energy efficient
Open and close your window
Washable filter
15-minute DIY install
Planet-friendlier refrigerant
No need for drilling or permits

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