Cool the World.

We’re on a mission to build a healthier, more comfortable world for all those who inhabit it — without compromising the environment.

In the past fifty years, we’ve made a lot of progress. We’ve built electric cars, cell phones and the internet — and yet, somehow, HVAC technology has barely changed. We still burn oil and natural gas in our furnaces and rely on ugly window ACs to cool our homes.

With Gradient, progress has arrived. Our heat pump technology is the first of its kind. It’s beautiful, powerful, efficient and planet-friendly — made for people who are unwilling to compromise their values or aesthetics.

"The Gradient unit resembles a bench with two thick supports that you hang over a windowsill. The clever design means the unit doesn't obstruct the view out the window and places the noisier components on the outside."

Blaine Brownwell, Architect Magazine

Change is in the air.

1 kg R410a

has an impact equivalent to

2 tons of CO2

Our team.

Meet our team of thermal scientists, designers and engineers working to better the natural and built environments.

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Open positions