Gradient Selected for $17.5 Million Defense Production Act Award for Clean Energy Innovation

Gradient Selected for $17.5 Million Defense Production Act Award for Clean Energy Innovation

We at Gradient are so proud to share a transformative moment in our journey: being selected for a momentous $17.5 million grant under the Defense Production Act by the U.S. Department of Energy. This landmark funding is not only a recognition of our technological innovation and commitment but also a significant step toward our mission of revolutionizing heating and cooling solutions. 

It enables us to expand our reach and impact, particularly in providing efficient, affordable, and eco-friendly heat pump technology to underserved and frontline communities. This achievement underscores our dedication to building a sustainable future and reinforces our commitment to American manufacturing and job creation, aligning perfectly with the nation's clean energy goals.

Watch the award announcement from Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm:

Secretary Granholm discusses Gradient's award

Empowering communities through sustainable technology

Our project is more than just an expansion of Gradient’s U.S. manufacturing capabilities; it's a commitment to the Justice40 initiative, ensuring that the benefits of modern, sustainable technology reach those who need them most.

By producing 100,000 units annually at our new high-volume, vertically integrated manufacturing facility, we're set to make a transformative impact in low-to-moderate income communities, commonly characterized by older constructions.

The All-Weather 120V Window Heat Pump 

Gradient All Weather 120V window heat pumpAt the heart of our project lies the All-Weather 120V Window Heat Pump. Featuring a unique inverted-U configuration, this system marries the efficiency of a cold-climate ductless mini-split with the ease of installation of a window air conditioner.

Designed to fit seamlessly into various window types without the need for drilling or electrical upgrades, the All-Weather 120V is perfectly suited for older buildings and multifamily residences.

A beacon of economic and environmental progress

This project's significance extends far beyond its technological innovation. Situated in a disadvantaged community, our manufacturing facility is a beacon of hope, promising to bring approximately 300 full-time jobs to the region by 2026.

This initiative isn't just about creating jobs; it's about fostering a skilled workforce dedicated to the clean energy economy.

Reducing emissions, enhancing efficiency

Our commitment to the environment is unwavering. By displacing fossil fuel heating systems with our advanced window heat pumps, we're significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The hermetically sealed refrigerant loops in our products further diminish carbon footprint, exemplifying our dedication to eco-friendly solutions.

A commitment to community and equity

At Gradient, our vision is about more than just advancing clean energy technology; it's about fostering a future where this technology goes hand-in-hand with social equity. We're deeply committed to meaningful engagement with local stakeholders, upholding a Community Workforce Agreement, and actively pursuing DEIA in our hiring practices.

This commitment was recently underscored during an inspiring moment at the White House Demo Day, where our CEO Vince Romanin had the honor of discussing our vision with President Biden. Their exchange, captured below, symbolizes our dedication to making a difference not just in technology but in the fabric of our communities.

President Biden laughs with Gradient CEO Vince Romanin

In line with the Justice40 initiative, we're dedicated to transparency and active community involvement, ensuring our progress in clean energy also translates into tangible benefits for communities across the nation.

Sustainable heating and cooling

Gradient is not only helping to uphold America’s position at the forefront of clean energy technology but also ensuring its resilience against geopolitical vulnerabilities.

Join us on this transformative journey as we bring efficient, sustainable heating and cooling solutions to those who need them the most. 

Stay tuned for more updates as we turn this vision into a vibrant reality.

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