Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The Gradient will have the efficiency and power of professionally installed products with similar features at a fraction of the price of those units. More information on pricing will be released after the completion of our beta program.

Carbon emissions

We're currently awaiting our official efficiency rating. But we estimate a 75% carbon reduction when the Gradient is used to both cool and heat and when the system is powered by low-carbon electricity. Our end goal is to achieve a 100% carbon reduction; we see our current model as a very important and very big first step toward that goal.

Technical specs

The Gradient can replace nearly any window AC, in any climate. In addition, the unit will cover 30 percent to 100 percent of your heating loads, depending on climate.

The current version of the Gradient works exclusively with windows that are single or double hung, i.e., they can slide up and down. We look forward to expanding our product line to fit other window styles in the future.

The Gradient's rating is 9,000 BTU/hr for cooling. We're currently finalizing laboratory tests on its heating capacity and will share that information soon.

For cooling we recommend the Gradient for rooms up to 450 sq ft. Our recommendation for heating depends more heavily on your particular climate.

The Gradient system requires a standard 120V outlet.

Yes, that's correct. Variable speed drives help to increase the efficiency of the Gradient. They also carry a better noise profile, so you get whisper-quiet, cool comfort.

The Gradient's compressor is on the outdoor portion of the unit. Its indoor fan and indoor heat exchanger are on the indoor portion.

We're currently finalizing tests of the Gradient's CEER in the lab. We're excited to share results of those tests on this page soon.

At launch, we will use a standard MERV 2 air filter. We're investigating advanced air filtration as an upgrade or in future products.


Due to the Gradient’s popularity, it’s currently sold out. We’ll have more back in stock in April 2023.

Initially, the Gradient will only be available in the United States. But we’re excited to expand availability to other regions as soon as possible.

Heat pump

The Gradient uses heat pump technology. The unit will have the efficiency and power of professionally installed products with similar features — at a fraction of the price of those units.

Technically, any window AC — and any air conditioner — is a heat pump. But usually when folks use the term ‘heat pump’ in the HVAC industry, they're referring to an AC that can also provide heating. That’s what the Gradient offers; it'll cool your home in warm weather, and then switch to heat in the winter.


The Gradient currently uses R32. But our goal is to move to even more climate-friendly refrigerants in the near future.

We’ve seen a lot of movement toward R290 across the globe — although less so in the United States. At Gradient, we believe that R290 would be a very efficient and environmentally friendly solution. In fact, the Gradient can safely use R290 due to its coolant loop, since the refrigerant never goes indoors. But certain changes in industry standards need to happen before we know exactly what our next step will be.


The Gradient is designed to be simply installed by two laypeople — not professionals. Our do-it-yourself (DIY) installation approach generally takes about 15 minutes.

Installation Guide

Installation Video


At Gradient we're about to kick off our Series A round. If you're interested in participating, please reach out to


At this time, we do not have a dedicated phone line and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. The reason why: we have a small (but mighty!) team that is working around the clock to best answer all customer inquiries. The way to reach us is by sending a message to — we'll get back to you as soon as we can and greatly appreciate your patience and understanding.