Meet Gradient, the modern solution for commercial HVAC

Commercial HVAC solutions for multi-family homes, condominiums, townhomes, apartments, schools and universities, small businesses, and churches. 

A woman presses the dial on a window heat pump

Better, inside and out

Say goodbye to expensive and complicated HVAC upgrades and hello to easy retrofitting:

  • 15-minute, DIY install; no need for drilling or permits
  • Heat pump technology with commercial-grade power
  • Energy efficient with planet-friendlier, factory-sealed refrigerant (R32)
  • Doesn't block your view and allows you to open and close your window
  • Plugs into a standard 120V outlet and comes with a washable filter

A window heat pump with wine glasses, next to a sofa with a blanket

How the Gradient heat pump works

No system looks or works like the Gradient.

Engineered to be svelte. Our heat pump technology uses water to distribute heat inside while keeping the high pressure refrigerant outside, resulting in less noise and less bulk.

Commercial grade power. Inside are professional-level components like variable speed fans, large heat exchangers and reversible operations that keep you cool or warm all year-round.

Designed for the home. By adding a secondary coolant loop at a much lower pressure, we’ve built a modular design that you can set up, install and control yourself.

A Gradient window heat pump with plants

Will the Gradient fit my windows?

Gradient is flexible and fits a wide range of window options:

  • Your window is single or double hung (can slide up and down) and can open at least 15" in height
  • Width of the window is no less than 24”
  • Depth of the window is between 6” and 16” 
  • Clearance below window on both sides of the wall inside and outside is at least 24”

A diagram of the Gradient heat pump



Window heat pump hangs from a windowA better digital experience (iOS/Android)

  • Complete control via WiFi
  • Anytime, anywhere
  • Set temperature/fan speed
  • Scheduled events
  • Air-flow direction control

A man smiles at a Gradient window heat pumpTestimonials

“I’m also working on decarbonizing my apartment. The uninsulated 1910 Victorian flat has two nasty gas heaters, which we turned off (like gas stoves, they leak methane and toxic chemicals) in favor of electric heaters. I was lucky enough to be able to beta test a small, portable heat pump that miraculously both heats and cools apartments with incredible efficiency. I have chilled out in front of the heat pump on our hot days, and it also keeps me cozy when it’s cold and foggy.”

Laura Fraser in the SF Standard

"It runs quiet and it cooled the room right down on a hot night in Oaktown! So far so good. :)"

Gabriel K. on Twitter