The homestretch: Testing, packaging & shipping your Gradient AC

The homestretch: Testing, packaging & shipping your Gradient AC

By now your Gradient’s parts have been fabricated, its heat pump has been built, all the parts have been assembled, and its coolant loop has been filled.  

What’s next? 

Confirming optimal AC performance

We need to run final tests on your unit to confirm optimal performance before packaging and shipping it to your home.

While we have in-process checks throughout production to make sure every part is installed as it should be, there are some things we can't check until your full system is assembled. 

Gradient heat pump connectors between its indoor and outdoor units

To check the performance of your unit, we use a test station at the end of the production line. That’s where we ensure that we consistently achieve our capacity and efficiency targets. 

After we pass these checks, we box up your Gradient air conditioner in its three packages.

Convenient air conditioner delivery

We’ve designed each package to be able to be shipped individually. That way, we can use services like UPS and Fedex – and you don’t need to schedule a delivery or dispose of a large wooden pallet.

Three boxes of Gradient air conditioner parts

We’ve run our packaging through many tests, including free fall tests, impact tests, and tip over tests. These tests ensure that your unit arrives at your home ready to install and to provide air that's not too dry, not too sticky and always just right.

Recyclable packaging

And while these packages are made of recyclable materials – polypropylene platforms, recycled polyethylene foam, and cardboard – we're eager to ensure greater environmental sustainability in the future by, for example, using compostable foam packaging. 

We encourage you to keep the packaging for 14 days and then recycle each piece accordingly. These boxes are perfect for forts if you have kiddos at home (adult forts are also greatly appreciated). 

A woman presses the power button on a Gradient air conditioner

Once your unit is unpacked and ready to install, the most important player comes in: You! 

Download the Gradient app

You can download the Gradient app to set your unique preferences for scheduling, temperature, and more. If you have any questions or concerns about your system, don’t hesitate to use the app to reach out to our Customer Experience team directly. 

Make it your own

Lastly: show us how you style your Gradient! Use #MyGradientComfort on social for a chance to be featured on our page.

Cheers to a cooler world,

The Gradient Team


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