Your (almost) finished Gradient AC

Your (almost) finished Gradient AC

How does your Gradient heat pump go from a bunch of parts to a final unit that’s ready to be packed and shipped to your home?

The assembly line method of production

All the magic happens in stage 3 of 4 – which starts with a process similar to an assembly line for a car. Here’s where our internal functional parts and external cosmetic parts are assembled together to form your finished product. 

A man assembles a Gradient air conditioner

Parts are "kitted" at several sequential stations, and your Gradient moves through the line on a rolling cart. 

Operators gradually build your system from the inside-out. 

A man assembles a Gradient air conditioner

Each assembly station has its own set of work instructions, describing what parts should be installed and any special notes or measurements that should be taken. Screws are tightened, seals are checked, electrical connections are made, and labels are applied. 

Filling the coolant loop

Finally, your system's coolant loop is filled. For this work, our engineers designed a "fill cart" with a large pump with reversible flow to make sure that your system’s coolant loop is filled without any air bubbles. Ensuring no bubbles means that your Gradient operates at maximum efficiency. 

Next up: Time to deliver your high efficiency air conditioner

After a check for leaks and drips, your system is ready for final testing, packaging, and shipping. 

Stay tuned for a preview of how your Gradient will look on your doorstep!

Cheers to a cooler world,

The Gradient Team


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