Why are heat pump installation costs so high?

Why are heat pump installation costs so high?

If you're in the market for a system that will heat and cool your home, you may be wondering why mini-split heat pump installation is so expensive. After all, window air conditioners and heat pumps do essentially the same thing, right?

Not exactly. Read on to learn why heat pump installation costs are so high.

Factors to consider

A few key factors contribute to the higher cost of installation of a mini-split heat pump:

Multiple floors and hard-to-access areas. One critical factor that contributes to the cost of heat pump installation is the location of the rooms you want to heat and cool. If you have multiple floors, then the installer will need more wiring and conduit, and the job will require additional labor hours. Same applies if the installer must work in any hard-to-access areas, such as behind woodwork.

Complexity. A licensed professional is needed to safely cut and then charge the refrigerant line for a mini-split heat pump. Mistakes in the wiring, location, and installation of the mini-split present safety hazards.

Electric upgrades. Most mini-split systems need 220 volts or higher, so you may need to hire an electrician to install a 220v outlet.

Permits. Mini-split heat pumps require permits for critical reasons:

    ✓ Licensing. A permit provides proof that your installer is a licensed professional.
    Compliance. You’ll need to ensure that installation of your mini-split complies with building codes, which vary depending on where you live.
    Documentation. Your homeowner’s insurance may not cover damage if the mini-split’s installation wasn’t permitted.

    As you can see, there are a lot of challenges to installing a heat pump, and cost tends to be number one.

    Time is money

    Beyond the costs, you should consider the amount of time required to schedule the above steps. 

    For example, many people start to think about their cooling needs when the weather gets warmer. But with the increase in demand during those seasons, it can take months to obtain estimates, select a contractor, schedule the work, secure permits, and schedule inspections.

    The world needs more heat pumps

    Heat pump installation can require a lot of time and money. 

    But here's the thing: Heat pumps are much better for the environment than traditional heating and cooling methods like window air conditioners and gas furnaces. Installing lots of heat pumps will mean lower greenhouse gas emissions and a cooler world.

    We’ll also see massive demand for new air conditioners and heat pumps in the coming years. But today’s products are not only expensive and slow to install – they have terrible user experiences and are bad for the planet. 

    The best of both worlds

    We don’t think you should have to choose between a comfortable home and one that’s better for the planet. 

    So we’re on a mission. We want to give you your view back and for all of us to live in a cooler world. 

    That's why we designed Gradient to sit below your window and allow for DIY installation in a matter of minutes — no permits, no wiring, no labor charges.

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