Gradient brings modern DIY AC installation to NYC

Gradient brings modern DIY AC installation to NYC

If you live in NYC you’ve likely faced tough decisions when it comes to heating and cooling your home.

Maybe you’re dedicating your only apartment window to an incredibly loud AC that’s barely hanging onto the side of the building.

Maybe you need to scour the city looking for a place to store your AC  every winter.

Maybe you’ve struggled to maintain a consistent temperature in your home – particularly with the past month’s crazy weather, as temps have fluctuated between 23°F and 79°F.

Or maybe you’re one of many residents still struggling to keep warm due to boiler damages caused by flooding from Ida – all while wondering what can be done about the carbon emissions from those outdated systems.

NYC Window ACs

We designed the Gradient with folks like you in mind. No one should have to deal with old, outdated, window ACs and PTACs. No one should have to worry about rickety, unsafe installation brackets. And no one should have to wonder if their unit needs to be cleaned or serviced to mitigate dangerous refrigerant leaks.

So last month, nearly 5 years after Gradient was founded, we were beyond thrilled to bring the first unit to NYC.

After a rough start of canceled flights, a last minute red-eye, an HVAC display window that was stuck on a truck in Jersey and a trip to Home Depot later, our team got to meet some of you in person — the absolute highlight of our week.

Nothing drives us more than your enthusiasm.

Our favorite part of the trip? Witnessing so many enthralled reactions as folks  installed the Gradient AC for the first time. The outdoor unit quietly slides across the bracket, and just as you think, “OMG, is it going to fall?” the pneumatic support kicks in and the unit gently pivots down your exterior wall. 

While in NYC we also participated in the Pepcom Home trade show and were blown away by the interest in planet-friendly heating and cooling. (And we were definitely the only team to bring an entire window with us).

All in all, a week to remember. 

Thanks to everyone who came out to see the Gradient in action, and shout-out to 1 Hotel Central Park for providing top-notch service and a beautiful, sustainable space for us to host folks.

We can’t wait to hit the road again and meet more of you across the country.

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